Client testimonials


Kavitha Biji

“I have learned a lot from this course and it’s just a two-day course. I’m looking forward to the advanced course. It’s been really awesome.”

– Dr. Kavitha Biji, Implantologist, India
3D Imaging and Diagnostics

Cris Piessens

”The course is really very well organized, following the schedule and doing the full program, which is not always the case. Also everything that is around the course is so well organized. It's been a pleasure.”

– Dr. Cris Piessens, Implantologist, Portugal
3D Imaging and Diagnostics

Karyn Becconsall

“It’s been the best conference I’ve ever been to. I’m so excited to go home and utilize this in my day-to-day work.”

– Dr. Karyn Becconsall, Oral Surgeon, New Zealand
3D Imaging and Diagnostics, Advanced 3D Diagnostics

Tooraj Moravej

“I learned what CBCT is, how to read it, how to interpret it, and how to use it in my daily clinical practice. If you miss this course, you have not done dentistry.”

– Dr. Tooraj Moravej, Implantologist, Iran
Digital Dentistry Summer School

Ivanka Obroshkova

“Ever since attending NIDE’s 3D Imaging and Diagnostics course in Helsinki, I have been able to interpret images quickly and efficiently. This is especially useful in my work as an orthodontist when working on cases of retained canines or wisdom teeth. Utilising a virtual 3D model of the patient also makes my work easier. “

– Dr. Ivanka Obroshkova, Orthodontist, Bulgaria
3D Imaging and Diagnostics

Antonio Madariaga

“Classes were very helpful and very clear. I would totally recommend this course. I’ve met colleagues from all over the world and the organization was incredible.”

– Dr. Antonio Diego Molina Madariaga, Radiologist, Chile
3D Imaging and Diagnostics

Iryna Chulkova

”I chose NIDE's CAD/CAM course because I wanted to receive more theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to become more professional in prosthetic dentistry. After the course I was able to communicate better with my lab, make the right choice of material and to be entirely responsible of my work.” 

- Dr. Iryna Chulkova, General Dentist, Belgium
Fundamentals of CAD/CAM

Danya Reyes Benhumea

“I will recommend the course to my friends. It has been such an amazing experience.”

– Dr. Danya Reyes Benhumea, General Practitioner, Mexico
Digital Dentistry Summer School

Jamie Ryan

“I get much more out of the images now than before. There is a lot more to it than I realized, so the course has been really helpful.”

– Dr. Jamie Ryan, ENT Surgeon, New Zealand
Advanced 3D Diagnostics

Antony Chinhara

”I chose NIDE's Digital Dentistry Summer School course because this was not part of my training 20 years ago, when I was an orthodontic resident. Because of my familiarity with Planmeca equipment, the link between NIDE and Planmeca became a motivating factor in my selection of NIDE’s Digital Dentistry Summer School.”

– Dr. Antony Chinhara, Orthodontist, Zimbabwe
Digital Dentistry Summer School

Hisham Abdel Azim

”Amazing country, amazing food and amazing people.”

–Dr. Hisham Abdel Azim, Implantologist, Egypt
3D Imaging and Diagnostics

Mirna Munitic

“I was interested in the scientific approach of the courses and read about the lecturers and their work in advance. They fully met my expectations and even exceeded them. The lecturers were so professional and knowledgeable – I really admired them for it. It was also very nice to connect with colleagues from different parts of the world with such similar interests in their work as me. Sometimes professional congresses can have too many people, but NIDE’s groups are cozy and great for spending time together.”

– Dr. Mirna Munitic, Prosthodontist, Croatia
3D Imaging and Diagnostics

NIDE group3D imaging

“I would recommend NIDE’s 3D Imaging and Diagnostics course to every dentist involved with implantology and oral surgery, as they often demand 3D diagnostics as part of treatment planning. My implant planning is now more precise and surgical procedures more predictable.”

– Dr. Krešimir Doblanović, Oral Surgeon, Croatia
3D Imaging and Diagnostics

”The best thing in this course is the fact that you'll meet wonderful speakers and get to discuss the topics with international colleagues. I would recommend this course for everyone who is looking for the newest updates in aesthetic dentistry.”

–Dr. Haitham Al Juboori, Orthodontist, United Arab Emirates
Aesthetic Dentistry

”It was a very interesting week full of information and excitement! I really enjoyed every minute in your beautiful country. I have already used the gained knowledge in my offices which improved the level of my work! To all my professional colleagues: please do not hesitate, this course is a must for everybody who works with Planmeca and Romexis and it will improve the quality of your 3D diagnostic skills, especially if you are an implantologist.“

–Dr. Kaan Yerit, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMFS), Austria
3D Imaging and Diagnostics