CAD/CAM has made Rupert Austin’s clinical work more efficient and fun

CAD/CAM Boot Camp is the latest addition to the course selection of Nordic Institute of Dental Education, helping you to develop your CAD/CAM skills from basics to beyond in just one week. The comprehensive 5-day programme combines basic and intermediate courses in CAD/CAM with exciting autumn activities in Finland. We interviewed one of the lecturers, Dr Rupert Austin, about the upcoming course and his experiences with CAD/CAM.

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NIDE Lecturer Dr Rupert Austin


During the upcoming CAD/CAM Boot Camp, the course participants will learn to use CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) technology for creating single and multiple-unit restorations with the help of our renowned lecturers. Dr Rupert Austin is lecturing the intermediate CAD/CAM course Beyond the Basics of CAD/CAM. With interesting case examples and hands-on guidance, he will help you succeed in multiple restorations and implantology. The upcoming course in November is Dr Austin’s fourth course with NIDE.

“Beyond the Basics of CAD/CAM is the second part of the upcoming CAD/CAM Boot Camp. Restoring multiple restorations on natural teeth as well as planning, placing and restoring implants is what this course is all about”, Dr Austin describes. “The participants of the course will leave the course with knowledge and practical skills of smile design, anterior multiple preparation and restoration in the aesthetic zone as well as planning, placing and designing implant restorations.”

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Dr Austin uses Planmeca Emerald intra-oral scanner at his courses in Helsinki


Dr Austin is a proven expert in digital dentistry. Working as a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Specialist Orthodontist as well as the Clinical Lead for Digital Dentistry at the King’s College London Dental Institute in London, United Kingdom, Dr Austin specialises in prosthodontics and dental wear and treats patients requiring complex prosthodontist care. His research focuses on enhancing diagnosis and treatment of dental hard tissue pathologies using innovative optical imaging technology in his research. As a private practitioner, Dr Austin has been treating patients with fixed, removable and implant prosthodontic cases for more than 10 years.

“I have been able to make my practice more efficient, more fun and more profitable with CAD/CAM. I firmly believe every dental professional should take advantage of digital dentistry. This is especially important for a successful implant placement, as digital dentistry reduces the risk of human error,” Dr Austin explains. “Other success factors for an implant placement are managing the soft tissue correctly as well as ensuring that the implant positioning is optimal. This is yet another example of how CAD/CAM can help you in implantology.”

The next CAD/CAM Boot Camp takes place in Helsinki from 4 to 8 November 2019. You can find the course programme here.