Digital dentistry seasonal courses

Join us for a week of intensive learning and fun activities in Helsinki! 

This comprehensive package will take you through all the basics of digital dentistry by bundling our beginner’s courses in 3D imaging and CAD/CAM techniques in one intensive five-day programme. After the course, you will have gained a broader understanding of the principles and applications of both 3D imaging and CAD/CAM in diagnostic and restorative dentistry.

This course is organized twice a year - in Winter and in Summer. Each course includes great seasonal side program. Choose your season and sign up for the course!


Target group

  • General dentists and dental specialists from all fields with interest in digital dentistry

Course fee

The price for the course is 2,500€ + value added tax (24%), if applicable. The price includes lectures and training, materials, lunches and refreshments. The side program during the course is voluntary and complimentary. Please note that travel and hotel costs are not included.

Next course dates

10–14 December, 2018 - Winter school


3D imaging and diagnostics

3D technology is revolutionizing radiology. Our course provides general dentists and radiologists the ability to integrate three-dimensional diagnosis in their daily practice.

Course objectives

  • Interpret CBCT images and understand the principles of 3D imaging
  • Understand effective patient doses and minimize exposure
  • Recognize anatomical variations and pathologic conditions

Day 1 (Theory and practice of 3D imaging)

  • Principles of dental imaging
  • 2D and 3D imaging in dentistry
  • Basic dental anatomy revisited + 3D anatomy (+ exercises)
  • 3D image analysis: introduction
  • CBCT and 3D image analysis
  • Diagnostic applications of CBCT
  • Basic dental pathology examples and software considerations
  • Small, medium & large field-of-view CBCT
  • Principles of use, dosimetry and radioprotection exercises (imaging protocols)

Day 2 (3D imaging and diagnostics)

  • Interpretation principles in radiology
  • 3D image manipulation and planning
  • Diagnostic considerations for endo/perio/prostho/ortho
  • CBCT diagnostics: indications and pathology
  • Pathology examples and exercises
  • Advanced image analyses: 3D manipulation
  • 3D visualization techniques
  • Artifacts: practical considerations


Fundamentals of CAD/CAM

Computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology has already revolutionised the field of dental restoration. We invite you to deepen your knowledge in this new field of dental technology and to learn more about the treatment methods of the future.

Course objectives

  • Learn and implement proper techniques for tooth preparation and the designing process of single restorations
  • Understand the benefits that efficient scheduling of CAD/CAM brings to the clinical practice
  • Learn the technical skills required to use CAD/CAM technology

Day 4 (Lectures and hands-on):

  • Overview of dental chair-side CAD/CAM systems.
  • Indications and limitations   Preparation rules: inlay/onlay, veneer, crown
  • Materials used in CAD/CAM
  • Ceramic materials – How to choose them?
  • Principles of adhesion to ceramics and tooth surfaces
  • Cementing: overview of cements. Cementing restorations
  • Clinical cases: failure and success
  • Longevity and maintenance of restorations
  • Clinical hints

Day 5 (Hands-on):

  • Hands-on: Scanning, designing and milling of a single molar crown
  • Hands-on: Scanning, designing and milling of an onlay
  • Stain and glaze – milling materials and finishing of the restoration
  • Tailored case to meet the course participants’ special needs

Summer school side program

Outside the classroom, the well-known long summer days of Finland will also offer you plenty to explore, ensuring a truly unique experience! Our summer school includes a great side program that will introduce you to the Finnish summer lifestyle with sauna, Nordic dinner and relaxation close to nature.

  • Boat trip in the beautiful archipelago outside Helsinki
  • Sauna evening and Nordic dinner
  • Guided walking tour in Suomenlinna fortress
  • Sightseeing bus tour in Helsinki
  • Voluntary visit to Planmeca’s headquarters and factory

Winter school side program

In addition to the course, you will have a chance to experience the freshness of Finnish winter with us. Our winter school includes a great side program that will introduce you to the Finnish winter lifestyle with sauna, Nordic dinner and popular winter activities.

  • Sauna evening and Nordic dinner
  • Dinner and urban winter activities in the city center
  • Visit at the reindeer farm
  • Voluntary visit to Planmeca’s headquarters and factory