Beyond the Basics of CAD/CAM

This intermediate course covers CAD/CAM techniques for creating multiple restorations, further increasing clinical proficiency. It is recommended for users with previous CAD/CAM experience.

Advanced CAD/CAM

This course is available for groups of 15 persons.


Course objectives

  • Acquire and implement proper techniques for tooth preparation in multiple restorations
  • Understand soft tissue management for successful provisionalization and restoration of teeth and implants
  • Learn the design process for placement and restoration of single and multiple implant-retained restorations

Target group

  • General dentists with previous experience with CAD/CAM technology
  • Prosthodontists
  • ​Specialists in oral implantology
  • Specialists in cosmetic dentistry​
  • We recommend that participants complete our Fundamentals of CAD/CAM course before attending the intermediate course

Day 1 (Lectures and hands-on):

  • Preparation rules for multiple restorations in the anterior zone
  • Preparation rules for multiple restorations in the posterior zone
  • Tooth wear and occlusion
  • Techniques for optimal tissue management and provisionalization
  • Material selection in anterior and posterior cases

Day 2 (Lectures and hands-on):

  • Planning, placing and restoring single and multiple implant-retained restorations
  • Material selection for implant-supported restorations
  • Hands-on: Scanning and designing a single implant-supported crown
  • Clinical complications and solutions for multiple restorations

Course fee

The price for the course is 1,500€ + value added tax (24%), if applicable. The price includes lectures and training, materials, lunches and refreshments. The side program during the course is voluntary and complimentary. Please note that travel and hotel costs are not included.

This course is available for groups of 15 persons.


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Rupert Austin

Dr. Rupert Austin

Clinical Lecturer and Specialist Prosthodontist



Beyond the Basics of CAD/CAM

Petri Kajander

Petri Kajander

Senior CAD/CAM Teacher



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Side program

In addition to the course, we invite you for a seasonal side program introducing beautiful Helsinki archipelago and Finnish culture.

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