Advanced 3D diagnostics

As CBCT technology continues to revolutionize radiology, the importance of image manipulation and proper 3D diagnostics is set to further increase. Get the most out of your CBCT investment by attending this advanced 3D course.

Course objectives

  • Understand the aspects that influence image quality
  • Learn advanced image manipulation and practice analysis with exercises related to implantology, orthodontics and endodontics
  • Gain knowledge in advanced head and neck diagnostics

Target group

  • General dentists with experience in implantology
  • Specialists in oral implantology
  • Radiologists
  • ​Oral and maxillofacial surgeons
  • ​Periodontists
  • ​Prosthodontists
  • We recommend that participants complete our 3D imaging and diagnostics course before attending the advanced course

Day 1 (Lectures and hands-on):

  • CBCT integration in clinical practices
  • How to acquire adequate CBCT images
  • Patient dose vs. image quality
  • Hands-on: influence of exposure parameters on image quality
  • Hands-on: how to assure image quality
  • European guidelines on CBCT use, selection criteria of clinical indications
  • Technological and exposure parameters. Influence on different diagnostic cases
  • Case series on exposure parameter and quality assurance
  • Software analysis exercises

Day 2 (Lectures and hands-on):

  • Advanced image manipulation: 3D objects, segmentation and MPR reconstructions for specific diagnostic cases
  • Advanced analysis exercises for implants (Optical scan fusion), for Orthodontics (3D models and segmentation), and for endodontics
  • Advanced head and neck diagnostics using CBCT: reporting on advanced cases
  • Pathology examples and exercises

Day 3 (Half day, hands-on):

  • Hands-on training with Planmeca specialists

Course fee

The price for the course is 1,500€ + value added tax (24%) if applicable. The price includes lectures and training, materials, lunches and refreshments. The side program during the course is voluntary and complimentary. Please note that travel and hotel costs are not included.

Next course dates

1517 May, 2019
2527 September, 2019




“I get much more out of the images now than before. There is a lot more to it than I realized, so the course has been really helpful.”

– Dr. Jamie Ryan, ENT Surgeon, New Zealand
Advanced 3D diagnostics

Side program

In addition to the course, we invite you for a seasonal side program introducing beautiful Helsinki archipelago and Finnish culture.

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