All about adhesion

The adhesion to dental tissues and dental materials, as well as the clinical techniques for bonding and mechanisms of the bonds play a great role in dentistry. Our three-day course gives you a deep understanding of all the aspects of adhesive dentistry.


Course objectives

  • Understand the best adhesive strategies for clinical practices
  • Select adhesive materials based on the latest scientific evidence
  • Identify the indicators/ contraindications related to adhesion to teeth, ceramics, metals, polymers and composites

Target group

  • General dentists

Day 1 (Lectures):

  • Why does adhesion matter? An insight to load transfer from restoration to teeth and periodontium
  • Bonding to tooth structures
  • The aspects of photo curing (lecture and hands-on)
  • The principles of bonding and its role in the reconstruction of damaged dentition

Day 2 (Lectures):

  • Bonding to polymers and composites
  • Adhesion to glass and crystallized ceramics and metals
  • Clinical examples of bonding techniques

Day 3 (Lectures and hands-on):

  • The bonding principles of repairing old restorations (clinical cases)
  • Laboratory training and testing of pre-treated biomaterials (hands-on)

Course fee

The price for the course is 1,500€ + value added tax (24%), if applicable. The price includes lectures and training, materials, lunches and refreshments. The side program during the course is voluntary and complimentary. Please note that travel and hotel costs are not included.

Next course dates

This course has not yet been scheduled for 2018. The course is available for groups.




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Side program

In addition to the course, we invite you for a seasonal side program introducing beautiful Turku archipelago and Finnish culture.

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