3D Winter School

Husky safari in Finnish Lapland winter wonderland

Get the most of your CBCT investment and experience Lapland’s winter wonderland! 

Our 3D Winter School package is the perfect combination of business and pleasure, as it combines an academically accredited 3D imaging course in Helsinki with an exciting snowy adventure in Lapland.

3D winter school facts


Target group

  • General dentists and dental specialists from all fields with interest in digital dentistry
  • This course is available for groups only



3D Imaging and Diagnostics

3D technology is revolutionizing radiology. Our course provides general dentists and radiologists the ability to integrate three-dimensional diagnosis in their daily practice.

Course objectives

  • Interpret CBCT images and understand the principles of 3D imaging
  • Understand effective patient doses and minimize exposure
  • Recognize anatomical variations and pathologic conditions

Day 1 (Theory and practice of 3D imaging)

  • Principles of dental imaging
  • 2D and 3D imaging in dentistry
  • Basic dental anatomy revisited + 3D anatomy (+ exercises)
  • 3D image analysis: introduction
  • CBCT and 3D image analysis
  • Diagnostic applications of CBCT
  • Basic dental pathology examples and software considerations
  • Small, medium & large field-of-view CBCT
  • Principles of use, dosimetry and radioprotection exercises (imaging protocols)

Day 2 (3D imaging and diagnostics)

  • Interpretation principles in radiology
  • 3D image manipulation and planning
  • Diagnostic considerations for endo/perio/prostho/ortho
  • CBCT diagnostics: indications and pathology
  • Pathology examples and exercises
  • Advanced image analyses: 3D manipulation
  • 3D visualization techniques
  • Artifacts: practical considerations



Bart Vandenberghe

Bart Vandenberghe 



Erkki Hiltunen

Erkki Hiltunen

Dental X-Ray Product Manager, MSc




You may also sign up for the separate course:

> 3D Imaging and Diagnostics

Side program

Husky safari

After a productive course of learning the latest skills and knowledge in 3D imaging, spend a memorable weekend  experiencing the magic of Lapland’s winter wonderland. Try out a snowmobile and feel the speed of a husky safari. Connect with the elements in the arctic cold, darkness and tranquillity. 

The program includes:

  • Northern lights snowmobile safari
  • Husky safari
  • Arctic spa and sauna
  • Snowshoeing
  • Possibility to spend a night in an igloo (extra cost)


Course package fee 

The price for the course package is 2,990€ + value added tax (24%), if applicable. The course fee includes:

3D Imaging and Diagnostics course in Helsinki (2 days)

  • Lectures and training, materials, lunches and refreshments
  • ECTS/CE certificate
  • Nordic dinner and possibility to try a sauna in Helsinki
  • Three hotel nights in Helsinki (4 star hotel)

Winter adventure in Lapland (2,5 days)

  • Snowmobile and husky safari
  • Two dinners 
  • Flights Helsinki-Kittilä-Helsinki and transportation between airport and hotel in Lapland
  • Two hotel nights in Levi (4 star hotel)
  • Lunch on Friday and Saturday
  • Winter clothes during the Lapland trip




See the course description for more information on the schedule, lecturers, target groups and course fees. 

You can also check out our 3D Winter School flyer.