CAD/CAM courses

Make the most of your CAD/CAM investment by taking part in NIDE’s continuing education. We offer a comprehensive selection of in-depth courses for users of all levels. Our courses have been designed to complement each other – forming a complete package. To achieve the deepest possible CAD/CAM understanding, it is recommended to follow all course steps from 1 to 3.

CAD/CAM Boot Camp

In this evidence-based 5-day CAD/CAM course program you will understand the clinical applications of CAD/CAM, and learn the technical skills required to use CAD/CAM technology as part of your restorative workflow. 

3D Printing in Dentistry

Learn to digitally design and prepare 3D-printed guides and restorations. By implementing 3D printing to your workflow, you can say goodbye to temporary restorations and work more precisely!

Fundamentals of CAD/CAM

With computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology transforming the field of dental restorations, we invite you to learn the basic principles of the treatment method of the future.

Beyond the Basics of CAD/CAM

Targeting intermediate users with some previous experience, our follow-up course for CAD/CAM will help to understand CAD/CAM applications for multiple restorations - further increasing clinical proficiency.

Implants from Plan to Scan

In this advanced CAD/CAM course you will explore several in-depth concepts in implant dentistry – including implant planning, surgical guide fabrication, and surgical techniques.

Aesthetic Restorations with CAD/CAM

Learn advanced skills in aesthetic and conservative dentistry at this course – from smile design and multiple units anterior restorations to custom characterization and more conservative posterior treatment options.