NIDE’s courses are structured around the latest dental technologies and their application in modern dentistry. We are strongly influenced by the scientific research and academic excellence of the University of Turku and are pleased to announce that European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits are granted for all NIDE courses.  

Nordic Institute of Dental Education – Upcoming courses

3–4 September
3D Imaging and diagnostics
18–19 October 
Цифровая стоматология
(in Russian)
15–16 October 
3D imaging and diagnostics (Shanghai)
19–20 November
Digital implant workflow
19–20 November
Digital implant planning and execution with CAD/CAM (Shanghai)
10–14 December
Digital dentistry winter school (3D + CAD/CAM)
10–11 December
3D Imaging and diagnostics
13–14 December
Fundamentals of CAD/CAM
      8–9 April
Fundamentals of CAD/CAM
11–12 April
Beyond the basics of CAD/CAM
13–14 May 
3D Imaging and diagnostics
1517 May
Advanced 3D diagnostics
 3–4 June
Advanced CAD/CAM
- Implants from plan to scan
6–7 June
Advanced CAD/CAM
- Aesthetic restorations with CAD/CAM
  23–24 September 
3D Imaging and diagnostics
25–27 September
Advanced 3D diagnostics


Digital implant workflow

Follow the digital implant workflow from CBCT imaging to implant guide design and final restorations!

Digital dentistry seasonal courses

3D imaging and computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) are transforming both diagnostic and restorative dentistry. Get on board with the revolution and learn what CBCT imaging and CAD/CAM can offer your practice with our intensive five-day beginner’s course.

      WINTER / SUMMER option

CAD/CAM for dental labs

Learn how to create exceptional prostheses by making the most of CAD/CAM and other digital tools in a dental laboratory.

3D imaging and diagnostics

Get on board the 3D revolution and learn the ability to integrate three-dimensional diagnosis as part of your daily practice. Our 3D imaging and diagnostics course is an accessible entry point into the world of CBCT imaging.

Advanced 3D diagnostics

Learn cutting-edge techniques for image manipulation and diagnostics at our advanced 3D course. Recommended for users with a basic understanding of 3D imaging, the course has been designed to provide a deeper comprehension of CBCT diagnostics.

Fundamentals of CAD/CAM

With computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology transforming the field of dental restorations, we invite you to learn the basic principles of the treatment method of the future.

Beyond the basics of CAD/CAM

Targeting intermediate users with some previous experience, our follow-up course for CAD/CAM will help to understand CAD/CAM applications for multiple restorations - further increasing clinical proficiency.

Implants from plan to scan

In this advanced CAD/CAM course you will explore several in-depth concepts in implant dentistry – including implant planning, surgical guide fabrication, and surgical techniques.

Aesthetic restorations with CAD/CAM

Learn advanced skills in aesthetic and conservative dentistry at this course – from smile design and multiple units anterior restorations to custom characterization and more conservative posterior treatment options.

Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetics is a central trend in the field of dentistry. Deepen your knowledge on the topic by attending our Aesthetic dentistry course, and expand the restorative dimensions of your practice.

Minimally invasive chairside restorations

Modern dentistry has evolved to emphasize a less invasive approach. Attend our course to learn about the latest conservative treatment concepts in restorative dentistry.

All about adhesion

The adhesion to dental tissues and materials play a great role in dentistry. Join us in Turku, Finland, to take control of advanced bonding techniques, and learn All about adhesion.

3D in oral and maxillofacial surgery

3D images enable the simulation of surgeries and enhance the predictions of postoperative outcomes in soft and hard tissues. Take advantage of this technology and increase the precision of your computerised 3D planning by attending this course. The course focuses on orthognatic and reconstructive aspects of maxillofacial surgery.

Des cours en français

Courses in French language



Testimonials from course participants

NIDE’s first 3D Imaging and Diagnostics course was held in Helsinki from 11 to 12 May 2015. The course received fantastic feedback – all participants would recommend it to a colleague.

Check out our 3 minute video to hear what they had to say!