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An organization founded by the University of Turku together with Planmeca Academy, the Nordic Institute of Dental Education offers continuing education in the latest topics and technologies in dentistry to international dentists and technicians.

Seeing as dental technologies continue to evolve rapidly, the development of preventative dental care and orthodontic sectors are increasingly important topics. Dentists in many countries face increased regulatory requirements on continuing education. All things considered, NIDE works to bring together rapidly evolving dental technology and the brightest academic minds in order to benefit and empower dental professionals worldwide.

The courses have been organized in Finland at the University of Turku and at Planmeca’s headquarters in Helsinki since the autumn of 2014. The University of Turku admits ECTS credits and course certificates to students of the program.

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Our values

Our values are the cornerstone of our operations. We are committed to:

  • Improving health care
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Innovation – pursuing creative ideas that have the potential to change the world

About University of Turku and the Institute of Dentistry

University of Turku, founded in 1920, is an active academic community of 25,000 students and staff members – a truly international research university, a provider and developer of high-quality Finnish education, and a strong leader in academia. UTU’s values are ethicality, criticality, creativity, openness, and communality.

University of Turku

The Institute of Dentistry, established in 1958, gives education to undergraduate and postgraduate (specialist and PhD) programs, in line with international standards and modern teaching techniques. Our aim is to educate skillful dentists and top-class researchers. Research at the Institute of Dentistry has been active, innovative, and internationally recognized since the early 1960's and has led to a number of clinical and commercial applications. Dentists and scientists that have graduated from the Institute of Dentistry are highly respected worldwide. Furthermore, the Institute coordinates the Finnish National Graduate School of Oral Sciences (FINSOS). The dean of Faculty of Dentistry is Juha Varrela, who is also an advisor and one of the lecturers at NIDE.

About Planmeca

Planmeca Oy, established in 1971, is the largest privately owned company in the field and the third largest dental equipment manufacturer in the world. Planmeca specializes in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced dental equipment, including dental units, CAD/CAM solutions, leading 3D and 2D imaging systems, and software solutions. The company has also pioneered in digital dental practice concepts that allow efficient management of clinic information.

Planmeca Oy is the parent company of Planmeca Group which operates in the field of health care technology and employs approximately 2,600 professionals worldwide. Planmeca’s philosophy, which also extends to NIDE, builds on sustainable innovations, commitment to health care, global collaboration, exceptional operations, stable finances, and responsibility as an employer. 

The Nordic Institute of Dental Education is part of Planmeca’s global university network, which aims to deepen the cooperation of academic research and the dental technology industry. We are building a global network of universities and dental professionals, and invite you to join this growing community of over 200 universities worldwide. You can read more about Planmeca's education activities here.

Management team

NIDE’s management team is responsible for managing NIDE’s operations.

Jenni Pajunen
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As CEO, Jenni is responsible for management and business development of Nordic Institute of Dental Education (NIDE).

Leila Perea 
Academic Coordinator

As Academic Coordinator, Leila is responsible for academic affairs, including course planning, contents and quality assurance within the Nordic Institute of Dental Education (NIDE).

Elli Homanen 
Training Coordinator

Elli is responsible for managing the arrangements for the visitor groups and contributes to marketing and quality control of NIDE. 


Advisors and management

Nordic Institute of Dental Education brings together the brightest minds from both dental and business worlds. In addition to our lecturers, advisors and management, we are also supported by the organizations of Planmeca and University of Turku.


NIDE's advisors are leading experts in the field of dentistry, bringing their knowhow and insight into our course program. Our current advisors include:

Dr. Pekka Vallittu
DDS, PhD, FADM, Professor at the Institute of Dentistry, University of Turku


Dr. Juha Varrela
DDS, PhD, Dean of the Institute of Dentistry, University of Turku


Dr. Kari Pihlman
Dr. Licenciate in Dental Surgery, Private Practice


Dr. Jukka Meurman
M.D, PhD, DOdont., FDSRCSEd, Professor, Head Physician, Institute of Dentistry, University of Helsinki


Dr. Marika Doepel
DDS, PhD Associate Professor, Institute of Dentistry, University of Turku


Board of directors

NIDE's board is responsible for NIDE's strategic guidelines and oversight. Our current board members are:

Anne Marjamäki (Chair)
Business Development Manager, University of Turku

Pirkko Härkönen,
Professor, Head of Department, Institute of Biomedicine, University of Turku

Tuomas Lokki
Senior Vice President, Planmeca

Helianna Puhlin – Nurminen
Vice President, Digital Imaging and Applications Division, Planmeca

Maarit Vannas,
Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Planmeca

Eeva Ryödi, (Secretary)
Legal Counsel, University of Turku